Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is the most disgusting thing you have encountered at Old Country Buffet?

I cannot decide which of the following two things was more disgusting (and they both happened during the same visit):

1. Someone changed their baby's diaper right in the dining room and left the soild diaper on the edge of the buffet near the bread,

2. This guy putting "clean" plates in the plate rack at the front of the buffet line sneezed all over the plates - and you could see greenish yellow mucous on the top plate - and he just left it there.

Needless to say I haven't returned since - but I just wanted to hear your Old Country Buffet horror stories.What is the most disgusting thing you have encountered at Old Country Buffet?
The patrons who make absolute pigs out of themselves. You would think it was their last meal.
filthy toilet paper on ladies room floor

after complaining to mgr on duty

he explained a bus tour had just left

one hour later after my dinner returned to said bathroom

it had not been touched!!!

complained again o manager who then explained they were short of staff that day but assured me it would be eventually gotten too

I told him to clean it himself at which he seemed highly indignant

but there were only two other tables beside ours the whole time

This occurred while on way to Busch Gardens Virginia

I often wonder if the restaurant isstill thereWhat is the most disgusting thing you have encountered at Old Country Buffet?
there was like 4 or 5 cockroaches like 3 inches long in the thing of pudding and i thoght they were raisens untill they started moving *barf*
Eww. This is exactly why buffets should be banned. While I haven't seen anything nearly as gross as you've seen, I once saw a little kid tasting the salad dressing. HE PUT THE LADLE IN HIS MOUTH. Totally disgusting. I absolutely can't stand when parents let thier children go up to the buffet unattended. Then they grab the bread without tongs; lord only knows what they've been touching.What is the most disgusting thing you have encountered at Old Country Buffet?
Nothing there. I have not been to an Old Country Buffet in years.
The severs, filty and lack of hygiene.

THe food and contaminants (hair, etc.)

People woring with food not wearing gloves and actually touching the food

People sneezing and coughing on food and plates

The manager sticking his finger in the food to see if warm when confronted about temp of food, then placing in mouth and continuing on other food trays with out washing hands
A man who weighed about 400lbs (no lie) was sitting by himself at a 4-seater table. He had plates full of fried chicken and was tearing into it with his bare hands and then tossing the bones all over the table.

It was really sad, I felt bad for him.
Worst thing I've encountered at an Old Country Buffet? The food.

But I guess my not liking the food did make me miss out on lots of other disgusting things I could have seen there.

I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out. :)
It's been yearrrrs since we went to one, but we did and while eating, a kid was walking away from the buffet, plate in hand when....

B a r f.....on the floor right near our table....



We moved to a different table...and never went to another OCB again.

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