Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is the best food at Old Country Buffet?

My grandpa loves Old Country Buffet, and for some reason he does not seem to enjoy high-quality food. He has offered to take us there. I have never been there. Anyways, I am used to fine dining restaurants (not to gloat, just saying) and I know that Old Country Buffet does not have the best reputation for good food. I am going tomorrow and I only want to get the items that taste good. I know the taste must differ from location to location, but please give me your favorite menu items. Thanks!What is the best food at Old Country Buffet?
I've never heard of Old Country Buffet. If you change your question a bit, you can re-post it to the "Dining Out" category, under your Country, State and City and get better answers from those who might be familiar with this restaurant.What is the best food at Old Country Buffet?
The potatoes and pastas are okay. The chicken is all right, especially the grilled or the teriyaki, The salad bar is all right. A lot of the desserts are actually quite good.

When our relatives used to insist we go there, we'd start with the teeniest portion of a lot of things that looked okay, then return for a normal portion of a balanced meal--and way too much dessert.What is the best food at Old Country Buffet?
The food is quite bland actually. The desserts are the best thing.
your Gpaw loves the price.

cause the food sucks

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